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Network Marketing Review - Is the Reputation of Network Marketing Changing

Let's face facts. the common network marketing review doesn't have many positive things to say. The industry has suffered from its comparison to the illegal pyramid and Ponzi schemes, as well as negative reports from the media and from those who have failed in MLM.

Even today, the typical network marketing review reports that up to 97 percent of those who attempt this type of business fail, a statistic that isn't disputed by anyone really, even those who are successful in their MLM businesses.

The publicity about network marketing doesn't tend to show it in the best light. Much of it insinuates (or outright declares) that all network marketing companies are scams because so many who join don't end up making any money at all. And in fact, many network marketers quit because they can't afford to maintain the monthly costs of running their business.

In reality, multi-level marketing is not only legitimate but also an extremely potentially profitable business. However, it's definitely NOT for everyone - This network marketing review offers information to clear up some of the confusion about some of the major issues.

Critism: The recruiting methods of MLMers are less than honest and are designed to put money in the pockets of a few who "make it."

This stems from the fact that, as an MLMer, you make money off of the people you recruit into the company as part of your team of salespeople, in addition to the money you make from the products/services that you sell.

While this is true, those who "make it" haven't done so through dishonest methods. They've done it through hard work and effective leadership. Those who become successful in network marketing do so because they can teach their teams/downlines to be successful as well. Are you trying to make it in your MLM? Get on the team of someone who is already successful!

Criticism (and untruth): MLMs are pyramid schemes.

This is a big cause for confusion but it is absolutely false. Legitimate MLMs sell a product or service. Pyramid schemes (otherwise known as Ponzi schemes) create levels where money is exchanged without a product or service being offered. The government is quick to investigate and shut down pyramid schemes. Multi-Level Marketing, MLM and Network Marketing are not synonyms for pyramid or Ponzi schemes, which are illegal.

Criticism: Network marketers take advantage of needy people by leading them to believe they can get rich quickly.

The truth is that the MLMers who go on about how easy it is to make a fortune in the industry are also among the few that have actually done so. Lucky them, right? But no one should look at a network marketing opportunity as a "get rich" scheme or think it will work without them putting in a lot of time and effort. Have some become extremely wealthy with network marketing? Yes. Is it the norm? No.

As mentioned earlier, 97 percent of the people who don't make it in the MLM industry also contribute to the negative network marketing review.

But as the new network marketing business model exploits the power of the web, more people are benefiting from its advantages.

New network marketers take advantage of the current internet training and resources which are available online or provided by their team, in addition to the tools provided by the network marketing companies themselves. This allows for a more upbeat review.

Network marketing businesses are now absorbing the concept of attraction marketing. Gone are the days of chasing down family members, friends or pretty much anyone you happen to run into in the hopes that they will join your business.

New network marketers use strategies that result in prospects coming to them. And that is something to cheer about!

Network marketing options are becoming more popular in the struggling economy. And as the traditional network marketing model slowly shifts to the new attraction marketing based MLM model, more positive tones are creeping into the network marketing review too.

It's worth mentioning that when people hear the terms MLM, multi-level marketing or network marketing, they don't usually associate them with some of the most successful businesses in the world like Shaklee, Pampered Chef and Mary Kay, all of which are MLMs.

So yes, in a nutshell, the network marketing review is changing for the better along with the reputation of the industry as a whole.

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