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The Definition of Insanity

Copyright 2009 Pamela Bruner

It's said that Albert Einstein defined insanity as 'doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.' By that definition, most if not all of us are insane.

Take a moment and consider what you are doing that you've always done that hasn't gotten you the result that you wanted. Perhaps it's the way that you speak to your spouse or children, a method that you use for organization, or a way of marketing your business. You've been doing it for some time now, and although you're not getting great results, you haven't yet tried something new.

This can be because either

(1) you don't know what to do (2) doing something new feels too scary, intimidating, etc. (3) something new feels like too much work (4) you're insane

If you're reading this article, relax! It's probably not 4.

I used to hate marketing - really! I didn't know how to grow my business, and everything seemed scary, unpleasant, and far too much work. I had a number of limiting beliefs and outright misperceptions about marketing because I didn't know much about it.

I thought if I just intentioned hard enough, the clients would come. Finally something snapped, I began studying marketing, and a love affair was born. And then the clients did come, in droves. (The Law of Attraction really does work, just not always in the way that we think it will!)

If you don't know what to do to get more business, you can learn. If it seems scary, you can use tapping (EFT or something similar) to dispel the fears. If it seems like too much work, that's probably resistance to success, which is also a 'tappable' issue.

This is true in any area of your life, not just business - relationships, health, abundance, whatever! You can have a better situation than you have now, but only if you're willing to do something different than you're doing now.

Ask yourself: What do you KNOW that you DON'T KNOW, that would make a difference in handling a situation? Where can you get that information?

What do you KNOW that you need to do, but aren't comfortable doing? Take that issue to the tapping routine below.

If insanity hasn't been working for you, why not try sanity, at least temporarily? You can always go back if you don't like the result. :)

YOUR ASSIGNMENT Tapping Tips for trying something new Setup statement (tap the KC point): Even though I don't want to try this new thing, I choose to accept myself anyway. Even though this feels like too much work, I choose to find a surprisingly easy way to handle it. Even though I don't know what to do, I choose to work with the Universe to learn what I need to know. Do several rounds, tapping on each of the tapping points, using the following reminder phrases, or make up your own: I don't want to try anything new. This feels like too much work. I'm not even sure what to do. It's scary to try something new. I'm uncomfortable with trying something new. What if I pick the wrong thing? I don't want to work this hard. What if the new thing doesn't work either? When the intensity of your upset has dropped to a 5 or below (on a 0-10 scale), do one round, tapping on each of the tapping points, using the following reminder phrases or make up your own: What if it could be fun to try something new? What if it didn't have to be hard? What if I could just try it and see? I choose to consider that something new could be exciting. I'm open to trying something new. I choose to consider that I can learn new things. I choose to be open to success in new ways. I allow the Universe to surprise and delight me with something new. Alternate the negative and positive rounds (always end with the positive!) until you have released the fear and are open to trying something new.

Pamela Bruner specializes in helping service professionals overcome their blocks to success so they get more clients, make more money and have it all be easy. Does marketing your business feel challenging or painful? Learn how to make your success easy by signing up for your free copy of the mini-e-Course '5 Secrets to Business Success' at http://www.makeyoursuccesseasy.com.

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Have a nice day!

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