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Having Focus

Author: Louis Redemption

FOCUS is to put your mind, heart, power and unrelenting effort into a given goal, business or opportunity overtime. The basic motivating factor that makes a successful person, company or business is in the power of their focus. Show me a successful business or person and I show you how much focus that has been put into action to achieve the success seen today. The very first thing you get to hear most people in business say is "diversify your portfolio, do not put all your eggs in one basket". I get to hear this kind of talk most times and it's annoying because it's not working neither is it gonna work.

For the vast majority who are now developing a growing interest in MLM industry as a result of the home bases business potential it offers, the first news that greets them outside their primary business is multiple stream of income, getting involved in some kind of affiliate marketing that promises a lot of six figure income that doesn't work. These bad guys pitches you on their websites with tons of testimonials from ghost people who don't exist telling you how good their program is and how it helped them to explode in business. For how long do you have to continually live in ignorance and fall prey to these guys? Now let me ask you, how is this working for you??? If you can't answer this question then you are beginning to understand what I am talking about.

The great majority of networkers who join tons of these affiliate hoping to make multiple streams of income outside their primary business end up spending more money than they ought to make, less focused and disorganized there by losing money and the most valuable asset "time" to these affiliates who sell them rubbish and expect them to sell these rubbish to others in other r to make money.
I am able to write this article because I have been down this road and my experiences were not interesting the least bit. It was horrible and I would not want to see another person go through half of what I went through.
Michael Delouhy, the author of Success in Ten steps a must read for anyone who wants to get back on track and uncover the secret traps in home based business scam and lies made this remark in line to these so called "multiple streams of income as "multiple streams of outgo"

The only sure way to succeed in network marketing (MLM) is to put all your time, resources and effort promoting yourself {"note, not promoting your opportunity or business"} in the line of business you have chosen. If you can do this, you are sure not to expect instant result or improvement because it takes time to build repute but with time of continuous focused mindset that single business would explode growing more than the much sort after multiple streams of income.
Being focused hasn't got to do with sales pitching people with your opportunity or business model. It deals with helping people to get what they want and been were want to be.
If you can be selfless for once and truly mentor people to achieve what they want, only then will you get all that you desire. The law of attraction will always make sure that you succeed in this way. We don't have to expect it because it will surely come. The universe has been positioned to work that way in favour of those who attract it. This is a time tested principle, this is the singular motivational force that led Zig Ziglar ino his infamous quote "You can get all you want in life if you focus on helping others achieve all that they want or desire"

You might want to ask how? The answer is when you focus on putting people before yourself, you will command so much credibility and respect, this will in turn reverse to your favour because people want to follow those that have credibility and respect- they are considered experts. No one wants to be associated with a mediocre you will agree with me.
The primary goal is to focus focus and focus! This is what opens door of unlimited possibilities in your business. People get to be attracted to focus minded personalities not one without a defined firm purpose of calling. Forget the sop called multiple stream of income here online or offline, they are all money suckers and divided attention seekers.
I am leaving behind to you a free material worth thousands in gold for you all free. Read it and study it, it will help you in your quest to define yourself and teach you to focus , uncover many questions that's been left unanswered about the basis of network marketing . Remember I am here to help you get to where you want to be.

About the Author:

I am a fun loving person who grew up in a society were you are told things are virtually hard and there is nothing much you can do to change things. Irrespective of the society i have grown to be a person of integrity who has never cared or worried about how rough my world is. The only constant thing in life is death. Every thing that revolves around the universe is paramount to change and i have lived my life to that principle. I knew i was born for greatness through leadership, recently i have found myself to be a leader with a mentor and servant heart. Playing vital roles in the life of individuals that has transformed their life forever is something i live up to give God Praises for his directions and guidance all through.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - Having Focus

Have a nice day!

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