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Don't Sell, Attract! - Part 2

Author: Simon Guilliard

The second component in practising attraction marketing, is value. Your prospects need to see that you have something of value to offer them. The two areas of value and status are reliant upon each other in many respects, but the first area to concentrate upon is what you're offering your prospects. You should already have established yourself as a leader that they would want to follow, but the value for the prospect is going to come from what the prospect is going to get. They'll be asking 'what's in it for me?' In fact, they shouldn't be asking that, because you should already be offering a solution to their problem. Can the prospect trust you to deliver on that solution?

If you've ever bought a holiday, you'll know that you're not really interested in how big the plane is going to be, what the airport is like, or any of those things. All you care about is the hotel or villa at the other end and what's the beach like? How many holiday brochures have pictures of the check-in desk, passport control, luggage collection points or airport waiting rooms? Once you understand that all purchases are made in order to gain pleasure or avoid pain, you will start to understand how the prospect perceives value. It sounds like common sense, but too many online network marketers focus on the 'airport' rather than the 'holiday'.

To use another example by Mike Dillard in his Magnetic Sponsoring course, 'nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill; they wanted a hole.' You should therefore sell information about making holes rather than information about drills, if you want to sell more drills.

In demonstrating to your prospect that you can deliver value, you should offer to solve some of their problems first, using the same techniques discussed in the first related article on establishing status. By providing free information to help them become more successful in their online business, you not only establish yourself as a leader or star in online business, but also prove that you can provide value by giving some of what the prospect wants for free.

I guess you could call it a 'taster' of more to come. You're essentially saying to your prospect, 'I'll help you now, without any expectation of me getting anything back from you.' What you probably find is that if what you tell them helps them to succeed, they will come back to you

The best thing I can do here, is to provide you with an example:

A friend of mine recently bought a one year old BMW, and being a fellow BMW owner, we were discussing such things as the servicing costs amongst other things all BMW. He revealed to me that he didn't take his car to be serviced at the authorised BMW dealer, but instead took it to an independent garage who were authorised to service BMWs. I was a bit shocked to hear this, as I'd never heard of the garage, and with a new car, I have always felt that it was in better hands if I took it to the BMW dealer. He explained that these guys were experts and that he trusted them to service his car more than the official dealer, and even though they were not that much cheaper, which I had assumed they would be, that's where he took his car to be serviced.

When I quizzed him further on why he felt that this independent garage could be better experts than the BMW dealer, he revealed that it came down to trust: the garage also offered a free service where they would come and check over any car that you were considering buying in order to establish any problems that might be lurking, undetected by you until later on. As my friend had bought his car privately from the seller, he had used this service to check that all was well with the car that he intended to buy.

The independent garage had, perhaps unknowingly, been practising attraction marketing by offering a service of value for free. They had also gained trust in the eyes of the buyer.

The garage helped my friend buy his car; he succeeded in achieving what he wanted by utilising the free service provided by the garage.

You will never be able to sell to those who do not want to buy, but if you put this and other components of attraction marketing into practice you will see a massive difference in sales from prospects that are ready to buy and are looking for the sort of product or service that you offer.

About the Author:

Simon Guilliard is a professional internet marketing consultant and founder of businessprofitnow.com He specialises in helping others become successful by building profitable online businesses, through coaching and mentoring. Many of Simon's articles are designed to help online business entrepreneurs who are struggling to make their online business succeed. Many of Simon's articles can be found also at his blog site: onlinebusinessprofitnow.com

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - Don't Sell, Attract! - Part

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